Advantages and Disadvantages of Casino Bonuses

It comes as no big surprise that in the modern era of internet and availability throughout basically every device, all sorts of gambling providers are offering their services. In fact, it is so many of them that it becomes harder and harder to distinguish some of them at all. Too similar they are looking in terms of design, gaming portfolio and studios, categories of iGaming fun and so on.

Therefore, online casinos want to give themselves a unique touch by introducing bonus systems and incentives that make them stand out from the crowd. In order of fostering a productive customer relationship, there is almost no other way. In the following sections, I want to give a little overview over some casino bonuses which are the most common nowadays in online casinos and about what makes them profitable and what makes them somewhat flawed if I may say.

Deposit Bonus

Definitely one of the most used bonus variants in the world of online gambling. Only one of many examples is the Gratorama deposit bonus itself. The casino gives you the incentive to deposit a certain amount of money. In return, you will be granted a specific percentage of bonus money up to a maximum limit. This type of bonus comes in handy for those who do want to take advantage of pretty low deposit minimums in exchange for the almost universally so-called “welcome offer”, which means that you can benefit from getting at least a two-digit amount of bonus reward even with a small deposit.

That can obviously reach up to a high level of possible bonus money. The motto is often: The more, the better. So casinos will reveal maximums that end only in multiple thousand units of a respective currency. Nevertheless, we are not talking about money presents here. Of course, those deposit bonuses have rules attached to them which have to be followed in order of actually seeing the money withdrawn to their own account. And then it becomes apparent that significantly higher amounts of bonus money can lead to wagering requirements that need not only a lot of patience but also a lot of lucky streaks to have a positive result at the end. So while it may be the most common practice to use deposit bonuses as a rewarding start into a casino adventure, it is most likely going to be used to the most degree by either those who want to take it easy with deposit amounts or those who feel the high roller spirit taking them to the desired outcome.

Free Spin Bonus

Free spins are regularly combined with deposit bonuses but can also be seen individually. As a means of playing on online slots, this type of bonus is meant to help gamblers have fun while not automatically betting on the spins. In that way, players can make some decent wins right from the start. They are connected to deposit bonuses though you will also encounter wagering requirements in the context of free spins. Furthermore, free spin value is everything but exaggeratingly high. That will most likely result in low to medium volume of wins. Without a doubt though free spins are needed to give players the feeling that the slots are coming to them and not the other way around – them having to search for them.    

Cashback bonus

This type of bonus is not used overly much in online casinos as a welcome offer in itself. But indeed it is being introduced more and more. What you get from cash back bonuses is that a predetermined maximum of money which was lost to the house will be returned to you without having to wager it additionally afterwards. This bonus will let you rest assured that even if you see a bad luck day, you will face a relieving delivery of losses back to your account within an acceptable time. On the other hand, online casinos are setting the maximum amount of cashback relatively low when it comes to welcome offers in sharp contrast to VIP programs where cashback is usually excitingly massive. But that stems from the gambler being an asset for the online casino concerning the deposit history. So while cashback bonuses are an excellent alternative to simple deposit bonuses, they also have their visible limits.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are the royalty of bonuses. As common sense, it will not be too much of a surprise that bonuses which do not make a deposit necessary are considered the real deal of casino delight. Online casinos offering those will surely increase attention. Risk is basically zero when you can attain a no deposit bonus. At the same time, the amount of granted money is not only kept within restricted boundaries but also almost unequivocally requires some sort of wagering. Still, it is apparent that its users never dismiss this variant of a bonus.


Ultimately an online casino should not just capitalize on one specific type of bonus. The mixture makes the proper recipe. That is why casinos combine deposit bonuses with free spins. Sometimes also that with the addition of a no deposit bonus upon registration. In itself, all the types have advantages to some players while they show no benefit for others. Casinos choosing a two-digit deposit bonus are not necessarily wrong-headed just as much as those targeting a three- or even four-digit deposit bonus are extraordinarily generous. The main conclusion is that bonuses should always be judged upon their intertwined character and their wagering requirements. If the wager is high, there should also be a no deposit bonus to adjust the overall premise. If the wager is low, then the offer should nonetheless be sweetened up with some free spins. Like we asserted: the more, the better.

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