Design Plans for Log Homes and Log Cabin Kits by Mountain Ridge Log

Log homes for centuries have captured people’s imaginations, and this is because of several good reasons. For once, they are the model of living a quiet and simple life in the middle of the woods. They have aesthetics that are considered classical and a far cry from today’s modern white and grey apartments. This is why it’s not surprising that they continue to be popular even today. Read more about them on this site here.

However, before you start cutting down the trees and declare to your family that you want to become a forest dweller, it’s important to remember that the aesthetics of these log cabins and homes are not going to give you the comfort and convenience that you may require. There are unique kits and design plans for these log houses provided by companies like Mountain Ridge that will give you more ease and convenience down the line.

If you’re thinking about building and inhabiting one, here are some things that you may want to keep in mind first.

1. Cabins vs. Homes

You may have been thinking about a log home for a while now. However, you might actually mean a cabin. Logs are built by the best types of wood that will withstand the weather and other common elements in the area. You might want to use cypress, yellow pine, and white pine trees in the Southeast parts for more durability. Poplar, oak, walnut, spruce, hemlock, and fir are other popular hardwoods.

A cabin is usually located in a more secluded area in the woods, and they are much smaller. They are the less-modern versions of those “not all cabins are homes” situations. This is where you might want to add plans for amenities and upgrades. Check out the link for plans and kits for log homes that you may want to see in your home. These kits will make it easier to build as they are already carefully constructed according to your needs. Get in touch with the experts for more information about these kits and designs from Mountain Ridge.

2. Wiring and Electricity are Complicated

You may want to know about homeowners who have often complained about the unbearable heat they feel during the summer or the freezing nights in the winter months. These are all uncomfortable environments that you may want to skip in your cabin.One of the more common reasons why these issues occur is incorrect construction. There are often a lot of gaps between the logs that prevent insulation from happening in the first place. You need to be intentional about the type of wood you’re using, and you may need to add a layer of insulation for better comfort regardless of the weather.

Working with the professionals who will install your HVAC systems in your house will help. They will do the wirings and add elastic sealant to fill the gaps. They will check that you’re going to be comfortable inside, and these experts can easily place light switches, outlets, running wires and drill through the surfaces whenever there’s a need for them. Since the logs are massive in size, making last-minute changes may not be an option for you, and planning everything before starting is the way to go.

3. Endless Styles to Choose From

The styles and designs are usually unique and will depend on the homeowners. There may be different corner construction involved, various species of trees, and a different way of anchoring and stocking the logs.

There’s an option to go for sawn timber which can drastically change the appearance of the resulting home. The milled ones have more consistent widths than others, and they are molded and regulated in the same sizes. Read more about the ideal types of trees for cabins in this link:

Although the primary appeal of these homes comes from the timber that’s making up their exterior and interior face, most modern houses today may be built differently. You might want to consider a fireplace or brick entryway that will suit the classical décor of your home. Others are more prone to get drywall for

their brightness than the dark natural hues of wood. Whatever attracts your fancy, you can rest assured that the right company will give you a design that’s unique to your taste.

4. The Views are Usually Beautiful

Some people associate log houses and cabins with beautiful backdrops of nature. Fortunately, this is always the case, especially if you have an open space like terraces built during the first construction phase. As you’re planning everything, it helps if you consider where you should put the doorways and see the picturesque view of nature so you can wake up feeling refreshed and recharged every morning.

5. Maintenance is a Must

Log houses may be associated with going back in time and living simply. However, their uniqueness actually needs a lot of maintenance, and this is something that you need to know before you commit to building it. For example, bugs are attracted to wood, and there are always critters that will consider your house their prime real estate. Get more tips of getting rid of pets in this url here.

Most of the time, the insects are already present, and you need to treat and dry the wood properly before and after you’ve moved in. Inspecting our house for a possible infestation or getting the experts’ help will help avoid the pests that can cause severe damage to your home. There’s also a need to rest and refinish the exteriors, but the right people can easily do them without any hassle.

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