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The popularity of IP telephony is growing every day. VoIP services from HotTelecom guarantee high quality of connection regardless of the distance of voice transmission which allows you to save on long-distance or international calls significantly.

Solve Your Connection Problems with HotTelecom

Delegate the solution of your tasks and problems to ensure high-quality and secure communication to highly qualified HotTelecom specialists. You will be able to concentrate your company’s resources on the growth and development of your core business without incurring the costs of building your communication systems.


VoIP technologies bring many benefits and provide you with:

  • optimization (saving up to 70% of funds, depending on the specifics of your business) and affordable communication costs;
  • guaranteed uninterrupted operation of communication systems 24/7, 365 days a year;
  • flexibility and consistently excellent quality of service;
  • ease of use;
  • mitigation of risks of data leaks;
  • mobility and time saving;
  • reducing the risk of violation of confidentiality of conversations and transmission of important data;
  • constant access to the latest technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of communication.

VoIP Telephony: The Element of Business Process Optimization

For many corporate clients, the safety and security of telephone conversations are not just desirable, but a crucial condition. Business success depends on it. This approach is typical not only for highly competitive types of businesses but also for everyone who does not want to become a victim of fraudulent actions by third parties.

Previously, when using analog telephone lines to protect telephone conversations, it was required to install expensive encryption stations. But now, when using VoIP technologies, you can use network equipment to encrypt all your telephone traffic.

The use of IP telephony opens up many benefits and advantages over other types of communication. In addition, you can use an internal IP network to communicate with remote units without paying for traffic and intranet conversations.

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