Modern Students Choose The Smart Stationery

It seems that digital technologies have finally and irrevocably entered the education system. Electronic interactive boards, smart desks, a huge number of all kinds of gadgets that help to make the learning process easier and more efficient have become indispensable in the context of modern globalization of education. Moreover, studies show that the digital text finally and completely won the handwritten one. Today, many students choose an electronic summary over the old-kind notebook. Probably, the day is not far away when even schoolchildren will solve tasks exclusively on tablets and send the finished test for teacher by e-mail. There are more and more devices that convert handwriting to electronic. The sands are running out and the demands of modern youth, due to the rapid pace of innovation, are growing every day. This is understood even by famous brands, trying to satisfy new customer demands. That is why today modern manufacturers are focusing on the production of electronic notebooks and pens that can translate any flourish into digital format and edit it even on the phone.

“Digitizing of previously made text and graphic records usually becomes a headache for those who, for one reason or another, still prefer conventional pen and paper to modern technology,” says Gillian Telling, Digital Production Manager & Business Development Manager, Pro-Papers team’s digital technology expert. “Most often this is a generation of students, whose rhythm of life compels them to create dynamically, to look for ways to digitize their records and vice versa, transfer digital recordings to paper format. To make life easier for students and everyone who studies or simply creative people allow solutions which, for example, are able to simultaneously convert everything that is written or drawn on plain paper into a digital form,” explains Gillian. Thus, the “smart” pen created by developers, in combination with a special receiver, uses infrared and ultrasonic waves to determine the exact position of the pen tip at any one time. This makes it possible to digitize the content applied by the smart pen on the paper accurately.

The smart notebook allows you to take notes in the traditional way – with a pen and paper. But at the same time, with ease and at the time of an eye, convert them to digital format, in order to then edit, store and decrypt it from a phone, tablet or smartphone.

Smart notebook is not even a notebook, but a whole trio. The set consists of three elements: the actual notebook, not quite the usual pen and applications for iOS or Android.

The set with a paper notebook in a “smart” cover (which is called a folio), where the main electronic stuffing (“brains”) is hidden, comes in, a standard-looking ballpoint pen. However, it appears so only at first glance.

For such graphics tablets, developers offer technology based on the so-called electromagnetic resonance (EMR), which allows the use of a passive digital pen. One of the significant advantages of the stylus is the absence of wires and its own power sources (“batteries”). 

After installing and running a special application, the user is immediately offered to create his/her account in the free cloud storage. After confirming the activation, the gigabytes of free storage for synchronized content are available. 

However, creating an account in the “cloud” can be postponed, and you can immediately switch to the connection via Bluetooth, for example, a smartphone and an application. This process is accompanied by instructions illustrated on the screen. After they have been completed, including the choice of orientation of the “folio” workspace, everything is ready to create the first note. In the application, the created note can be drawn, edited (erased), rotated, divided the contents of one page into several pages (taking into account the order of data entry, rolling back on the time scale), marked pages can be collected together.

It is easy to convert handwritten notes to digital ones. There is an icon with an envelope in the corner of each notebook page. You should click on it with a smart pen, and the entire contents of the page will appear in the application. Open it on your phone or tablet and continue editing in electronic format or send it to social networks.

The advantages of some models of such notebooks should include first of all a convenient book format, as well as the use of almost any paper. It is also worth noting a passive pen that does not require a separate power supply, and, last but not least, the overall simplicity of working with the device. The undoubted advantage is the compatibility with most modern smartphones and tablets of the two main mobile platforms (iOS and Android). In addition, archiving content in the cloud storage allows you to use the software associated with it, for example, to access records through a web browser on a PC or laptop.

An electronic notebook will help you easily and literally on the go to share ideas with colleagues and friends, to collaborate on projects in real time or quickly send an outline or a cheat sheet for a group mate in need.

This device confidently copes with the simultaneous digitization of handwritten notes containing diagrams, drawings and graphics, and it can recognize the text. 

Such smart stationery comes to the rescue when it becomes necessary to take notes, sketches during the educational process, a lecture or a seminar, and further convert this material into digital format. All records are securely stored in storage, on your gadget, or forwarded by another user, so you can not be afraid of losing or missing important information.

Modern smart stationery is a reasonable and confident choice of students. Thanks to its functionality, versatility, convenience and numerous applications, such smart notebooks and pens become indispensable attributes of modern education, when in conditions of a large amount of information and a fast pace of life you cannot lose a second of time and not a drop of useful material.

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