The Various Types of Online Casino Players

The amazing thing about humanity is everyone is unique, there is not another you, or me, in this known universe, yet even with this uniqueness, people do usually fall into a category. In this article, we take a look at the type of people that play the online casino.

  • The jackpot hunter – They can usually be found on the mega-jackpot slot machines, where a single spin could turn you into a millionaire. Some would say it’s a mug’s game, but there are a lot of players who win more than they lose; playing with a strategy and choosing the right slots helps. Anything less than a million dollars would not attract the jackpot hunter and who knows? You might be in the right place at the right time! Choose a couple of slots and focus on them, recording all session outcomes and never exceed your stake money.
  • The fun player – They might play twice a week and they love the thrill and excitement of the gaming environment. It might be slot, blackjack or poker, or even an hour on the roulette playing black and red. The fun player is disciplined and never wagers more than they can afford to lose and for most, winning is not the most important thing. Click here for info on mobile casino apps.
  • The professional player – He’s in it for the long haul and his approach is a thorough one; he typically only plays on game; blackjack and poker are favourites, where skill is involved; you will find pro players at the baccarat table, because baccarat is the only game that lets you back the house. His head most definitely rules his heart; he will have a complex system that he sticks to and you either make money or eventually have to do something else to make a living. If on a losing streak, the pro will not panic, as he is more interested in the bigger picture; namely averages and percentages.
  • The impulsive player – This is a dangerous character who follows his whims and often makes crazy bets. When he wins, he usually carries on until his luck runs out, then he will chase his losses by doubling down on bets; this can work, of course, but more times than not, you get into debt. He has no system and plays when he feels like it, usually after a drinking session.
  • The supplementary income player – He’s looking to make a few hundred dollars a month, plus he gets pleasure from playing, as every player does. Usually sticks to one game, whether slots or black and red on the roulette table, and he keeps records and probably has a system and can tell you exactly how he stands at any given time.

Which category do you fall into? 

Millions of people around the world enjoy online casinos and whether you’re a jackpot hunter of a fun player, you can login whenever you feel like it.

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